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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Health Care Reform June 2009

Republicans are betting that the specter of "big government" can still unsettle voters. When Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) spoke on the chamber floor Thursday morning, his remarks sounded as if they had been pulled from an early-1990s focus group.

"Americans want reform that addresses the high cost of care and gives everyone access to quality care," McConnell said. ". . . But creating a government bureaucracy that denies, delays and rations health care is not the reform they want. They don't want the people who brought us the Department of Motor Vehicles making life-and-death decisions for them."

RZ: It seems to me that we already have a huge bureaucratic maze that denies, delays, and rations health care. It is called the private insurance industry. It is not at all clear that the government would do a worse job.
It is important that you bring this simple reality to people’s attention, to break the Republican mindset control on the American mind.
Conservatives for Patients' Rights, last week launched a television ad warning that if the federal government becomes a player in healthcare insurance, it will erode private plans, leaving citizens with no choices about their care.

RZ: there is not much left that has not been eroded in private plans. Millions currently do not have a choice about their care because they either must avoid seeking care or go to emergency rooms. Taht is their choice because of economic realities.

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