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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Healthy Medicine #180: Food and Health

Dr Zieve talks with Andrea Lambert about the health effects of a raw vegan diet. Andrea Lambert is one of Arizona's preeminent raw vegan chef, teacher, instructor, and coach. For over 20 years Andrea has been studying health, nutrition, biology, chemistry and psychology. Andrea is certified through the Creative Health Institute and an Alissa Cohen Certified Live Food Chef, Instructor and Teacher. She offers Live Food Chef and Instructor certification classes, raw vegan food preparation classes and is available for health consultations, health coaching, training, and demonstrations in your home for friends and family. Andrea has worked in raw food teaching and preparation at An Oasis of Healing Integrative Cancer Clinic in Mesa, Az, and is now collaborating with Dr Zieve in the care of patients with cancer at Arizona Integrative Cancer Therapies in Prescott, Az. Read more at sncrawnicity.com."

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