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Thursday, November 11, 2010

HMR #77: Saying No to Conventional Cancer Treatment, part 2

Dr Zieve talks with Hollie and Patrick Quinn, authors of "You Did What? Saying No to Conventional Cancer Treatment," about Hollie's personal experience of taking responsibility and control over her condition and building an unconventional team to help her work through breast cancer. Part 2 of two.

From the book cover: "This is a story about a young woman with a very common but deadly illness who did a very uncommon thing when faced with that disease. She disagreed with her doctors, rejected their treatment advice, and chose her own path to getting well again. She did this in the face of paralyzing fears of dying and leaving behind a motherless daughter. She did this in the face of the daunting task of researching and choosing a better treatment. She did this in the face of the intense pressures of social conformity telling her to listen to her doctors. What she did was extraordinarily brave and forward-thinking. In effect, she forged a better path through a thicket of fear, complexity, and pressure. She forged this path with the help of her husband, working as a team and exhibiting unyielding togetherness. This book chronicles the journey they took together, back to health." Read more at youdidwhatbook.com.

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