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Thursday, November 11, 2010

HMR #79: The Drugs Are the Problem

Dr Zieve discusses how standard pharmacological treatment can lead to physical and mental illness with physician and educator Dr Gary Kohls, author of the recent article "AmericaĆ­s mental illness epidemic: It turns out that the drugs are the problem."

Gary Kohls MD retired in 2008 from private independent practice. His special area of interest was in helping people recognize the connections between physical and emotional symptoms, psychological trauma, brain malnutrition and neurotransmitter/brain chemical depletions. His interest was in discovering the root causes of his patient's symptoms, working towards prevention and risk reduction. The toxicity and frequent loss of effectiveness of many anti-depressant drugs led him to new methods of treatment, including the use of more natural and well tolerated amino acids, prescribed on an individualized basis, which replenish the brain's natural anti-depressants. Dr. Kohls continues to present lectures and seminars to healthcare professionals and the general public, as well as editing the popular e-newsletter Preventive Psychiatry E-Newsletter (PPEN). Read more at mindbodymedicineduluth.com.

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